With over 50,000 members, the New York State Coalition of Hispanic Chambers of Commerce (NYSCHCC) is one of the United States' premier business membership organizations. 

The New York State Coalition of Hispanic Chambers of Commerce, led by Mr. Frank Garcia, is a coalition of which includes 26 other chambers of commerce, sole proprietors, partnerships, multi-national corporations and small businesses. Our mission is to help professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs enhance their skills and grow their businesses. We provide the information, tools, and networking opportunities needed to help establish and grow Hispanic businesses. By joining a tightly knit network of business professionals & experts, and through structured training, Hispanic businesses and chambers are able to enhance their skills in order to run a successful organization. As the leading advocate of Hispanic businesses in New York State, the NYSCHCC offers business workshops and seminars, procurement sessions, and more.

To learn more please contact us at director@nyschchamber.com or call (347) 668-7614.

Corporate Board Members

NYSCHCC'S Mission and Purpose

The New York State Coalition of Hispanic Chambers of Commerce's mission is to promote the growth, development and success of local Hispanic member chambers of commerce and to serve as the leading advocate of Hispanic businesses in New York State. We do this by strengthening the coalition of Hispanic business owners around the state, stimulating new business enterprises in Hispanic communities, disseminating useful business data to our members, and serving as an advocate for Hispanic businesses in consumer affairs and public policy affecting the organization’s membership. Our core function disciplines are advocacy, public policy and leadership.

NYSCHCC'S Membership and Services

The NYSCHCC consists of over 20 member chambers, plus Hispanic businesses and professional members throughout New York State. NYSCHCC’s Corporate Partners may also serve on the Board of Directors; their representatives are elected to serve on the NYSCHCC Executive Committee and also on the NYSCHCC Board of Directors. These are rotating assignments, with individuals coming on and going off every year. The third year representative serves as Chair, with the two newer representatives serving as Vice Chairs.

The NYSCHCC is committed to ensuring the growth of its member chambers. We believe that through exposure to a
network of knowledgeable business professionals and structured training, chamber leaders can enhance their skills
in running successful organizations. Below are some of the programs and services NYSCHCC provides our

NYSCHCC signed a partnership with New York State agencies and universities to focus efforts on
procurement programs, round tables sessions, workshops and seminars throughout the State of New York in
order to assist these agencies and corporations with their procurement needs with minority certified vendors.
NYSCHCC conducts a series of Regional workshops and seminars in the areas of Legislative Advocacy,
Procurement, Organization and Business Best Practices, and Small Business Training.

NYSCHCC conducts an annual Procurement Roundtable session and certification workshops at the annual
state convention which attracts many public sector and corporate buyers and hundreds of minority certified
vendors over the one day session.

NYSCHCC produces a Journal bi-monthly and disseminates it to the membership and business community.
The publication informs NYSCHCC’s constituents by way of its web site and e-mail blast about the programs,
activities, events and happenings in the association and member chambers throughout the state as well as the
latest in business trends

Each quarter, NYSCHCC holds a board meeting to discuss the progress of the organization as well as future
endeavors. The board is composed of two representatives from every chamber, the three Corporate Partner
representatives, and Executive Committee who assist with the development of NYSCHCC’s yearly goals and

The Leadership Conference is an annual two-day seminar for the Chamber Presidents, Executive Committee,
and Board members. The conference provides attendees with valuable information such as ethics, publicity and
teambuilding, event management, fundraising strategies member programs and activities. The conference also
provides a forum in which Chamber Presidents can exchange Best Practices, strategies and ideas for running a
successful chamber.

The Management Conference is a two-day event for the Executive Directors and/or Chamber Presidents and
staff members of NYSCHCC member chambers. The conference focuses on enhancing the effectiveness of
chamber administrators. The conference highlights time management, understanding your finances, new
fundraising strategies, management techniques, special event planning, project management, implementation
factors and costs, membership services, board and staff relations..


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