Our Mission

With over 50,000 members, the New York State Coalition of Hispanic Chambers of Commerce (NYSCHCC) is one of the United States' premier business membership organizations. We are a coalition of members, with over 20 Hispanic Chambers of Commerce, sole proprietors, partnerships, multinational corporations, and the small mom and pop businesses that drive this great nation’s economy. Our mission is to help professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs enhance their skills and grow their businesses. We provide the information, tools, and networking opportunities needed to help establish and grow Hispanic businesses and communities.

By joining a tightly knit network of business professionals & experts, and through structured training, Hispanic businesses and chambers are able to enhance their skills in order to run a successful organization. For example, the NYSCHCC offers business workshops and seminars, procurement sessions, and more. The New York State Coalition of Hispanic Chambers of Commerce is the leading advocate of Hispanic businesses in New York State and is committed to ensuring the growth of its members and the chambers.

Mr. Frank Garcia, Chairman

Mr. Frank Garcia, Chairman

Mr. Frank Garcia, Chairman

Mr. Frank Garcia is the Chairman of the New York State Hispanic Coalition Hispanic Chambers of Commerce, an umbrella organization of over 20 Hispanic Chambers of Commerce across New York State. For over 20 years, Garcia has been a leading advocate for Hispanics nationwide as well as a successful businessman. 

As the head of Millennium Go Green Technology, an environmentally sustainable company based in New York and with global capabilities, he was the first Hispanic entrepreneur to use and recycle manufactured toner cartridges throughout the State of New York. As a successful and visionary businessman, Garcia continues his dedication to expanding minority owned businesses in the US, Garcia leads through example. Millenium has supplied some of the United States’ most prominent institutions and companies including Veterans Across America, Colgate-Palmolive, Columbia University, the Department of Environmental Protection and other NYC agencies, Corporate Express, Hertz, and Wesley, Brown & Bartle.

The son of a Vietnam War veteran, Garcia understands the importance of given back to the great men and women who have selflessly served the United States. He is a Board Advisor for Veterans Across America, a non-profit veteran’s advocacy organization whose mission is to create an environment that enables our veterans to reintegrate into society through job placement, access to healthcare, mentoring and championing the disenfranchised.

Frank Garcia was recently named the Chairman of the National Association of Latino State Chambers (2016). As an advocate for minority owned businesses, Garcia has fought hard to ensure for their equal rights. Under his leadership, discriminatory practices and unfair legislative enactments that negatively affect minority business owners throughout New York have been reduced significantly. For example, he successfully sued the Bloomberg administration, who had previously only provided 1% of contracts to minority owned businesses. Under Garcia's leadership, that number has grown to 30%. A staunch advocate of individuals’ rights, he also successfully led another lawsuit against former Mayor Bloomberg’s “Soda Ban” legislation, which sought to regulate the sizes of beverages served in restaurants. 

David Steward, CEO & Founder of World Wide Technology with David Harris, President of the NY Kids Chamber of Commerce

David Steward, CEO & Founder of World Wide Technology with David Harris, President of the NY Kids Chamber of Commerce

NYSCHCC's Mentorship Programs: Promoting Leadership and Civic Engagement

As a community leader, Garcia also mentors inner city youth and underserved communities through programs such as the Wildcat Academy. Through these youth development programs, opportunities have been provided for inner city youth to learn and practice leadership skills. He has provided internships to students at Millennium and introduced them to cutting-edge business practices. Students have been successful and have earned placement at Fortune 500 product companies. Recently, García started the NY Kids Chamber of Commerce.

Awards & Recognition

2016: New York State Senator Diane J. Savino, Community Award for Outstanding Service

2016: The Black Institute & Black Leadership Action Coalition Community Award

2013: Chinese Government Recognition & Award for Outstanding Entrepreneurship

2012: The New York City Housing Authority Branch Recognition for Outstanding and Unmatched Leadership

2011: Advocate of the Year Award, New York-New Jersey Minority Purchasing Council

2011: Chamber Men of Influence, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Morris County, NJ

2009: Acting Chairman of State of New York Coalition Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

2009: Green Manufacturer of the Year, Hispanic Caucus, Washington, DC

2008: Chairman of Bronx Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

2007: Trade Advisor of the Year Award, Government of Mexico

2004: Vendor of the Year Award, Colgate-Palmolive Company

2000: President of Young Latin Entrepreneurs Organization of New York

2000: Minority Business Of The Year Award by Colgate-Palmolive.

1998: Young Entrepreneur Award by the Camara Nacional de Comercio de Guadalajara

1997: Young Entrepreneur Of The Year by New York State Federation of Hispanic Chambers

Mr. Joe Muniz, President

A highly accomplished, diligent, and multifaceted professional with over 25 years of work experience in the public and private sectors, Mr. Joe Muniz has a proven track record of success. He has mobilized Latino community groups to strengthen their voices and has contributed to community engagement in New York, where he has been one of their strongest advocates. Muniz’s contributions to the Latino community in New York have been immeasurable and he is currently the director of the New York Immigrant Service Center.

With his vast business and senior level, managerial experience, Muniz has also proven his leadership as a project manager for the Jarco Caribe Company, environmental control specialist for Project Renaissance Caribbean, general manager for Asbestos Control Technology, Chairman and President of the Firestone Springfield Caribbean Corporation, and several other senior level administrative positions. Dedicated to the well being and progress of his local community, and powered with solid expertise, Mr. Muniz was also the director of the Bushwick Multi Service Center where he was in charge of social service programs, and was recently the president of the 53rd Democratic Club in Bushwick.


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